Corps of Military Police

Badges of the RMP/CMP on the blue and red striped colours of the Corps

Casualties, Honours & Decorations, POW's:

41281Walker   E.   Lance Corporal  5510752                
41282Walker   F.   Private  3659395                
41283Walker   F.H.   Private  13055829                
41284Walker   F.J.   Private  402258                
41285Walker   G.C.   Private  6700703                
41286Walker   G.T.   Lance Corporal  4132604                
41287Walker   H.   Lance Corporal  551388                
41288Walker   J.   Lance Corporal  4758227                
41289Walker   J.   Lance Corporal  3446708                
41290Walker   J.   Private  816161                
41291Walker   J.F.   Lance Corporal  4758228                
41292Walker   J.   Private  3661186                
41293Walker   J.F.W.   Sergeant  2690369                
41294Walker   J.H.   Sergeant  2931253                
41295Walker   J.T.   Lance Corporal  5567300                

Icon indicating soldier was killed = Killed/Died in Service. Icon indicating grave photo held = Photo of grave exists. Icon indicating soldier was decorated = Holder of Decoration/Award. Icon indicating soldier was POW = Prisoner of War