Corps of Military Police

Badges of the RMP/CMP on the blue and red striped colours of the Corps

Casualties, Honours & Decorations, POW's:

39025Smith   F.C.   Sergeant  4799873                
39026Smith   F.E.   Lance Corporal  5344704                
39027Smith   F.G.   Private  5778294                
39028Smith   G.   Lance Corporal  1425493                
39029Smith   G.   Private  4466592                
39030Smith   G.   Private  5242389                
39031Smith   G.   Private  13026913                
39032Smith   G.   Private  4450086                
39033Smith   G.   Private  4861446                
39034Smith   G.E.   Private  944289                
39035Smith   G.G.   Lance Corporal  6294836                
39036Smith   G.J.   Private  6915797                
39037Smith   G.W.   Lance Corporal  14441961                
39038Smith   G.W.   Private  3237764                
39039Smith   H.   Lance Corporal  3767781                

Icon indicating soldier was killed = Killed/Died in Service. Icon indicating grave photo held = Photo of grave exists. Icon indicating soldier was decorated = Holder of Decoration/Award. Icon indicating soldier was POW = Prisoner of War