Corps of Military Police

Badges of the RMP/CMP on the blue and red striped colours of the Corps

Casualties, Honours & Decorations, POW's:

20083Townsend   G.   Lance Corporal  P/15334                
20084Townsend   G.   Lance Corporal  P/17950                
20085Townsend   E.   Lance Corporal  16149                
20086Townsend   A.L.   Lance Corporal  P/15556                
20087Townsend   A.   Lance Corporal  P/1866                
24869Townsend   I.   Lance Corporal  7894064                
26860Townsend   E.   Lance Corporal  6201729                
27874Townsend   F.C.   Private  1794388                
28585Townsend   R.   Sergeant  14604125                
28586Townsend   R.   2nd Lieutenant  353529                
29016Townsend   R.E.   Private  5185555                
29017Townsend   F.   Private  5879370                
29018Townsend   E.   Private  2038307                
32815Townsend   J.D.   Lance Corporal  1442205                
40946Townsend   A.E.   Sergeant  5540                

Icon indicating soldier was killed = Killed/Died in Service. Icon indicating grave photo held = Photo of grave exists. Icon indicating soldier was decorated = Holder of Decoration/Award. Icon indicating soldier was POW = Prisoner of War