Corps of Military Police

Badges of the RMP/CMP on the blue and red striped colours of the Corps

Casualties, Honours & Decorations, POW's:

51500Young   R.E.   Lance Corporal  6192606                
51504Young   W.J.   Lance Corporal  P/13933                
52512Young   G.F.   2nd Lieutenant  434652                
52538Young   J.B.   Lieutenant  369894                
52666Young   M.G.A.   Lieutenant  415806                
53039Young   D.S.   Cadet  493806                
53307Young   A.W.   Major  494106   Icon indicating soldier was decorated            
53516Young   J.P.   2nd Lieutenant  553222                
54095Young   G.F.   Sergeant  22552095                
7189Younger   J.   Sergeant  2867187   Icon indicating soldier was decorated            
23915Younger   J.   Lance Corporal  4683836                
26020Younger   J.M.   Lance Corporal  2651536                
42983Younger   F.   Private  13067721                
42984Younger   J.W.   Lance Corporal  4273352                
42985Younger   W.B.   Lance Corporal  3134294                

Icon indicating soldier was killed = Killed/Died in Service. Icon indicating grave photo held = Photo of grave exists. Icon indicating soldier was decorated = Holder of Decoration/Award. Icon indicating soldier was POW = Prisoner of War