Corps of Military Police

Badges of the RMP/CMP on the blue and red striped colours of the Corps

Casualties, Honours & Decorations, POW's:

50296Wooldridge   T.W.   Lance Corporal  7682780                
2948Wooldrige   E.J.   Major  532471   Icon indicating soldier was decorated            
54221Wooldrige   E.J.   Warrant Officer I  24182628                
42830Wooler   A.J.   Lance Corporal  5505858                
52197Wooler   K.   Lance Corporal  21188038                
22192Woolerton   F.   Lance Corporal  P/16911                
22191Wooles   E.H.   Lance Corporal  P/11075                
42829Wooles   F.B.   Sergeant  4192064                
22184Wooley   R.S.   Lance Corporal  P/4173                
22196Wooley   H.J.   Lance Corporal  9557                
22197Wooley   H.   Lance Corporal  P/19220                
26909Wooley   J.   Lance Corporal  6395504                
42818Wooley   F.   Private  D/20408                
48888Wooley   W.E.   Sergeant  P/3850                
53989Wooley   A.M.   Corporal  24945425   Icon indicating soldier was decorated            

Icon indicating soldier was killed = Killed/Died in Service. Icon indicating grave photo held = Photo of grave exists. Icon indicating soldier was decorated = Holder of Decoration/Award. Icon indicating soldier was POW = Prisoner of War